Durbin and Associates, Inc.

Identifying and solving complex residential valuation problems in the Greater Cincinnati Market Area.


What makes us different from the other run of the mill appraisal shops? Simple. For us, it’s all about relationships. With a full time customer service manager, a dedicated staff of appraisers and an efficient processing team, we promise to respond to your needs promptly, personally and professionally.

In an industry where technology has changed the way businesses communicate and operate; we still value the personal contact that comes from you and your company. Our success is measured by your satisfaction. It is possible for the appraiser to lose his identity in the sea of AVM’s and BPO’s, but when you need a “boots on the ground” approach to what your property is worth, we can provide that. To do that, we offer the following services:

Complex Valuations

  1. REO properties

  2. RELO appraisals

  3. REVIEWS, Field and Desk reviews

  4. RENTAL / Investment properties

Litigation and Forensic Valuation and Consulting

  1. Expert witness

  2. Property tax appeals

  3. Eminent domain



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